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By famous • • 1 Aug 2012

The Famous Oakland People Series is an ongoing project by Lena Verderano Reynoso.

Each famous Oakland person features text and an original drawing made into a letterpress plate and printed on paper. Fascinated by people in power, this series is both a celebration of Oakland and an investigation into the notion of celebrity status.

Lena Reynoso is an artist, antiquarian, and scholar. She received her PhD from the University of California Berkeley. Her artistic and academic work is centered around American sideshows and popular culture. Her art has been featured on E! Online, Gawker, the WB, TMZ, Wired Images, the, Alameda Magazine, Oakland Magazine, and many other publications and newspapers. She has published articles on folklore and Early American amusements in Proverbium and the Early American Review. She is currently writing a book on sideshows and owns a gallery in Oakland, CA with her husband.

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